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p i Volume 9, Issue 1 • February 2012 incident prevention ™ Safety for Utilities, Municipalities & Communication Providers FR Layering Techniques INSIDE iP 8 FR Layering Techniques Why layering is important and how to ensure that your layering program works. 14 Safety Rules and Work Practices: Why Don’t They Match Up? Does having a safety rule mean it has to be followed 100 percent of the time, part of the time or not at all? 18 Effective Customer Crew personnel may be the only direct face-to-face contact that many of your customers ever have with your company. Relationships for Crew Leaders 24 The Value of Safety Certification Better trained certified safety professionals can provide more effective programs and training for the frontline worker. DEPARTMENTS 3 Editorial 4 Management Toolbox 6 Voice of Experience 28 Tailgate Topics 30 Safety Products

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