Incident Prevention December 2011 : Page 1

p i Volume 8, Issue 6 • December 2011 incident prevention ™ Safety for Utilities, Municipalities & Communication Providers Working in Winter INSIDE iP 8 Working in Winter When temperatures drop, there are specific things to keep in mind to make sure your trucks are running and your crews stay productive. While we can’t eliminate all hazards, we can reduce out exposure to those hazards by wearing the proper gear. 12 Back to the Basics: PPE 101 20 Hearing Conservation: An Interesting Challenge While noise-induced hearing loss is an ongoing problem, it is preventable with proper training and education. 24 Your Personal Protective Grounding Process A look at induction, or what engineers refer to as electric field and magnetic field induction. 30 T&D Safety Management for Crew Leaders This month’s Supervisory Series focuses on crew practices, specifically those concerning crew safety management. DEPARTMENTS 3 Editorial 4 Management Toolbox 6 Voice of Experience 36 PPE Products

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