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p i 5 PPE Volume 8, Issue 5 • October 2011 incident prevention ™ Safety for Utilities, Municipalities & Communication Providers INSIDE iP 8 5 PPE Safety Challenges 14 24 28 32 40 New PPE requirements, though complex, are not insurmountable. Personal Protective Grounding: Underground Distribution Cables and Equipment Continuing our discussion of personal protective grounding featured in the August 2011 issue. Safety Circuitry: The Power in the Brain When workers are aware of the brain’s limitations, they can make better and safer choices. Arc Flash Exposure Revisited: NESC 2012 Part 4 Update What’s new in the National Electrical Safety Code’s 2012 edition. T&D Best Practices for Crew Leaders A look at some important best practices for safety on the job. Safety Challenges CUSP Basics: Introduction to Human Performance Principles Understanding human nature can help you anticipate incidents and prevent them. DEPARTMENTS 3 Editorial 4 Management Toolbox 6 Voice of Experience 44 New Products 46 Tailgate Topics

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