Incident Prevention December 2014 : Cover

volume 11, issue 6 | december 2014 dedicated to utility safety & operations professionals Chainsaw Safety, Planning and Precision Felling Techniques inside 1 2 4 6 8 36 44 departments Editor’s Letter Management Toolbox Q&A Voice of Experience Train the Trainer 101 PPE Products Tailgate Topics features 14 Arc Flash and the Benefits of Wearing PPE An incident at Clark Public Utilities demonstrates the importance of properly worn arc-rated clothing. 20 2014 USOLN Safety Award Winners Announced John Morton and John Price are the recipients of this year’s prestigious honors. 22 Closing the Safety Gap You can better manage your safety program by gaining a clear understanding of your company’s risks and establishing an observation process. 26 Chainsaw Safety, Planning and Precision Felling Techniques Because felling a tree can be a complex and dangerous task, chainsaw operators must have adequate safety training, advanced planning skills and strong technical competency.

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