Incident Prevention October 2014 : Cover1

volume 11, issue 5 | october 2014 dedicated to utility safety & operations professionals Drones inside 1 2 4 6 8 38 42 and the Future of Tower Safety departments Editor’s Letter Management Toolbox Q&A Voice of Experience Train the Trainer 101 Safety Products Tailgate Topics features 12 Drones and the Future of Tower Safety Safety One Training International has discovered a way to use unmanned aerial devices to improve safety and efficiency for tower workers. 20 Photovoltaic Solar Safety Management for Utilities Although solar facilities present fewer hazards than conventional generating sites, there are still a variety of risks that must be identified and addressed. 24 Behavior-Based Safety: What’s the Verdict? While BBS has its critics, the hard data collected over the years provides evidence that it is effective at reducing injuries and associated injury rates. 28 The Risks and Rules of Chainsaw Operation Chainsaws are inherently dangerous tools, so it’s imperative that operators are aware of all potential hazards, receive proper training, and follow applicable safety rules and regulations.

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