Incident Prevention August 2014 : Cover1

volume 11, issue 4 | august 2014 dedicated to utility safety & operations professionals Responding to Pole Fires inside 1 2 4 10 12 38 44 departments Editor’s Letter Management Toolbox Q&A Voice of Experience Train the Trainer 101 Safety Products Tailgate Topics features 16 Responding to Pole Fires After experiencing an explosive pole fire last year, Tacoma Power made the decision to review and revise its response policies and practices in an effort to increase worker safety. 24 SRP Rope Access Program Addresses Towers of Power The utility combined two separate rescue programs into one that includes 100 percent fall protection, a standard operating procedure for tower work and comprehensive worker training. 30 Elements of an Effective Safety Committee When all the proper parts are in place, the stage is set for committee productivity and progress. 34 Mitigating the Risks of Aerial Patrols In conjunction with JBI Helicopter Services, Vermont Electric Power Co. uses a number of methods to minimize the possibility of helicopter accidents.

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