Incident Prevention April 2014 : Cover1

volume 11, issue 2 | april 2014 dedicated to utility safety & operations professionals Salt River Project inside 1 2 4 6 8 30 36 Safety Excellence features 10 Salt River Project: Devoted to Safety Excellence The Arizona utility’s commitment-based approach to company safety has resulted in fewer incidents, high rates of customer satisfaction, numerous awards, and a workforce that embraces collaboration and personal responsibility. 18 Understanding and Infl uencing the ‘Bulletproof’ Employee Managing your personal biases, opening your eyes to infl uential forces and engaging in candid conversations with employees will help deter them from taking unnecessary risks. 22 Accident Analysis Using the Multi-Employer Citation Policy The OSHA policy classifi es employers and their work site safety responsibilities, making it a helpful tool to evaluate incidents. 28 Sustaining Safety Successes Focusing on leading indicators is one approach professionals can take to aid in the improvement and maintenance of their company’s safety performance. Devoted to departments Editorial Management Toolbox Q&A Voice of Experience Train the Trainer 101 Fall Protection Products Tailgate Topics

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