Incident Prevention August 2013 : Cover1

SUHYHQWLRQFRP GHGLFDWHGWRXWLOLW\VDIHW\ RSHUDWLRQVSURIHVVLRQDOV Ergonomics for Lineworkers LQVLGH  GHSDUWPHQWV   Editorial   Management Toolbox   Q&A   Voice of Experience  &#1b; Train the Trainer 101  ICUEE Products Preview   Tailgate Topics IHDWXUHV 10 Passing the CUSP Exam Candidates must demonstrate a variety of competencies in order to earn the CUSP credential. 18 Leadership Skill Set 4: Social Awareness Mastering the ability to tap into what others are thinking and feeling will make you a greater leader in all aspects of your life. 24 Ergonomics for Lineworkers Teaching workers about risk factors and how to make better choices in the fi eld, plus providing them with the proper tools for the job, can help prevent musculoskeletal disorders and other injuries. 30 Are Your Temporary Protective Grounds Really Protecting You? Grounding can be risky business, so it’s important to know your equipment and take good care of it.

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