Incident Prevention June 2013 : Cover1

SUHYHQWLRQFRP GHGLFDWHGWRXWLOLW\VDIHW\ RSHUDWLRQVSURIHVVLRQDOV Foundation Drilling Safety 7KH$OGULGJH(OHFWULF 6WRU\RI6XFFHVV LQVLGH  GHSDUWPHQWV   Editorial   Management Toolbox   Q&A   Voice of Experience  &#1b; Train the Trainer 101 
 Training Products   Tailgate Topics IHDWXUHV 12 Foundation Drilling Safety: The Aldridge Electric Story of Success The company’s three-step training plan is the foundation of its safety and health program. 16 The Authority to Stop Work ‘Git’r Done’ gets a makeover at Standard Utility Construction. 22 Leadership Skill Set 3: Self-Motivation To be a great leader, you must learn how to motivate yourself and others. 24 Starting From the Ground Up Learning how to properly climb at the bottom will help you at the top.

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