Incident Prevention April 2013 : Cover1

SUHYHQWLRQFRP GHGLFDWHGWRXWLOLW\VDIHW\ RSHUDWLRQVSURIHVVLRQDOV 2FFXSDWLRQDO 'RJ%LWH  3UHYHQWLRQ 6DIHW\ LQVLGH  GHSDUWPHQWV   Editorial   Management Toolbox   Q&A   Voice of Experience  &#1b; Train the Trainer 101  Fall Protection Products  Tailgate Topics IHDWXUHV 12 Leadership Skill Set 2: Self-Regulation Learning the art of self-regulation enables leaders to positively infl uence others and make better decisions under pressure, and can even help preserve your health. 16 How to Apply the Minimum Approach Distance In the electric utility industry, it’s crucial for workers to know what the minimum approach distance is, how it is calculated and how to safely apply it. 20 Occupational Dog Bite Prevention & Safety Training, education and behavior modifi cation are key to mitigating the risk of dog bites both on and off the job. 26 Safety Awareness for Substations From step and touch potential to snakes to a person’s height, there are a variety of hazards that substation workers need to know how to safely handle.

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